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Captivating. Charismatic. Irresistible.


Get to know MOJO

Your brand deserves to stand out, sparkle, and say ‘This is me’. Choosing you should be the easiest choice a potential client can make.


Enter MOJO Marketing. As a dynamic marketing consultancy, we’re up to speed with everything that’s needed to elevate your brand, unlock all its potential, and transform your business into a powerhouse of charisma and influence.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. But there’s only one way to find out. 

Our Services

We only use our powers for good

Creative Storytelling

Brand Developement


  • Take advantage of current trends

  • Showcase your brand’s personality at its best

  • Stand out from the crowd - and the competition

  • Website redesign

  • Redesign of current templates & assets

  • Updated brand tone of voice to attract your target audience

  • Creation of a visually compelling website

  • UX & UI services (if we can’t provide this, we’ll need another option to add here)

  • Copywriting services

Digital Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing

  • SEO best practices

  • Email marketing

  • Paid ad campaigns (we need to replace this with another option as we won’t be doing paid ads for now)

  • Guidance through best practices

  • Comprehensive strategy for your brand

  • Take your business to the next level (this is a benefit, not a feature. We should replace this)

  • Tailored monthly social plan

  • Posting, reports & analytics

  • Dedicated social media manager

Choose your package

We’ll brew a potion to transform your brand

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The Essentials

Here’s what your brand can’t do without.


Initial consultation

  • You receive a detailed marketing strategy within 7 days

  • We meet to run through a breakdown and timeline for implementation

The Next Level

Want to put our ideas into action? This includes the essentials and more.


An in-person workshop including:

  •     Brand identity exercise

  •     Campaign initiatives

  •     Copywriting ideas

  •     Email marketing plan to build your database

  •     Social media strategy

Social and Brand Takeover

Want to reach your target audience? Stay consistent on social media and watch those numbers climb.


  • Revamp your brand, web design visuals, and social media assets

  • A dedicated Social Media Manager

  • Monthly customised social plan

  • Reports & analytics

Get in Touch

Want us to work our magic for your brand? Fill out the form or contact us directly at

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